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Monday 22nd June


Dear Woodpecker Parents,


As we embark on the last few weeks of term, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to you all for your immense ongoing support during these exceptional times.  As well as holding down all your usual responsibilities, you have worked so hard on getting the most out of the learning opportunities that I have been posting online, and played such a huge part (even more so than usual!) in your child's development.   It is so lovely to see the outcome of your child(ren's) learning after setting the work here.


Towards the end of their your children will have grown immensely in capability and independence.  As parents, we are always wanting to help them grow and improve by helping them to structure their work.  However please help this confidence surge for one last time before the summer break, by encouraging even more autonomy.  This will help with their transition into the next year group, as they learn to be more resourceful and draw on the knowledge that they have already acquired.  Furthermore, it will also enable me to make a clearer assessment of their current attainment which will contribute towards a smoother transition in September.    


I look forward to seeing you all soon in whatever realm!


Kind regards,


Matilda Attewill


Best wishes,


Miss Attewill

My email for questions regarding learning:  Please use this to send in examples of the children's work so that I can give them feedback and support.  I look forward to being in touch!

Matilda Attewill