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Home Learning - Thursday 2nd April, 2020.

Home Learning - Wednesday 1st April, 2020.

Home Learning - Tuesday 31st March, 2020.

Home Learning - Monday 30th March, 2020.

Home learning - Friday 27th March, 2020.

Home learning - Thursday 26th March 2020

Learning for Day 3 - Wednesday 25th March


Good evening/morning, 


I hope that you are all coping ok. 


I've neglected to mention (and it is very remiss of me, apologies) that, although I am setting what I feel is a considerable volume of work, and some of the feedback has been very positive, thank-you, the most important thing is the wellbeing of your children and the wider family. I'm sure that you're all doing an excellent job of supporting each other through this very challenging time, and the work is there to assist rather than create another obstacle. 


Best wishes, and I look forward to hearing from you soon,



Day 3 learning - 25/3/20

Apologies, my much-awaited YouTube video is proving to be technically challenging - I will update as soon as I can,



It should be here when it finally gets around to uploading!??


Good evening (morning), 


I have attached a dizzying array of resources, but please don't be intimidated, the document with today's date should explain all. 


As ever, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries that you may have,


Best wishes, 



Swallow Class learning - Monday 23rd March


Good evening,


I hope that the first post-school closure weekend has gone well and that you are all coping ok under what must be hugely difficult circumstances. 


This plan (March 2020) is a starting point, and I am hoping to record videos and make more interactive learning experiences as the weeks progress.  Please don't feel pressured to finish it all - I would rather that it is a positive experience for all rather than a stipulation.


All of the work is on the attached Word document and then resources for maths are also attached. Children could copy the questions into books, or they could be printed out and then stuck in. 


Again, please send photos of any work or let me know how they've got on so that I can alter/amend work as appropriate. 


Thank you for your continued understanding and support.