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Elizabeth Lane School Foundation

Here are some facts about the Elizabeth Lane School Foundation (ELSF) - background, objects, what it has done to date and how benefits may be claimed:


* The ELSF was founded by Elizabeth Lane on 12th June 1770.

* The objects of the ELSF were updated and approved by The Charity Commission in July 1988 and the principle asset of the Foundation, The School House in Marsh Baldon, was sold.

* The proceeds from the sale of the School House were invested, as advised by The Charity Commission, and comprise the permanent capital of the ELSF.  The market value of these investments in July 2015 amounted to £230,000.

* The income for the year to 7th July 2015 amounted to £7,180.

* The objects of the Charity are to apply the income towards benefits for Marsh Baldon CE Primary School (not normally provided by the local authority) to promote religious instruction by means of Sunday School or otherwise, and to award grants to children and young persons under the age of 25 who are resident in The Parish of Marsh & Toot Baldon with Nuneham Courtenay, or who have attended the school for not less than 2 years and who are in need of financial assistance.

* The grants to children and young people have included help with books, travel, residential trips, clothing, tools for apprenticeship, University travel costs and extra tuition.

* Since 1988, the Charity has had total income of nearly £239,700 and made payments totalling £212,300.  The unrestricted funds currently total £27,400, of which £15,000 is held in the School Reserve Fund and £12,400 in the General Fund.

* Over the past 27 years, the expenditure has been applied as follows:


New School buildings / classroom                £94,000

Teachers salaries, equipment and

other school benefits                                      £92,200

Music and Sunday School, etc                       £12,100

Grants to individuals                                       £14,000




* Application forms for a grant may be obtained from the Clerk to the Trustees, Sonia Hobbins (tel: 01865 343227).

* The current Trustees are Ivan Ball (Chairman), Rev Paul Cawthorne, Emma Timms and Graham Hobbins (Treasurer).


September 2015.

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