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Hiya! You have clicked on the Playground Buddies page!


Do you remember us, Poppy, Faith, Ella, Tilly, Kyran, Bradley, Janice and Isabella. We help other children on the playground at break time and lunch break. We set up games in the playground and we are determined to help everyone!


How do we help?

During break and lunch children can come to us and we will help sort out little arguments, we also think of games for the children to play. If you don't have anyone to play with come to us and we will help you have a better playtime.


What rewards do we give and what for?

We give rewards like stamps and golden moments for good behaviour. You can earn these rewards by: showing good behavior, being a good friend, helping someone in need, helping out and tidying up even if it is not your mess.




​Class 1:

Tillie said " they sort our little arguments."

Joshua said "They are very nice to us."


Class 2:

Kady said "I like them because they help people."

Ben said "You are very helpful, because, when people are sad you come and help!"

Class 3:
Tobey said "They are really helpful on the playground."



Mrs Wright "I think it's great, it works very nicely."