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There has been a school in Marsh Baldon for over two hundred years. In 1771 Elizabeth Lane of Baldon House left instructions in her will to establish a school for “six poor boys and six poor girls”. 


In 1873, a new school was built next door to the original building, and in 1953 the Infant Room was enlarged and an office/staff room added. The Elizabeth Lane Room, a third classroom, was built in 1991 using funds from The Elizabeth Lane School Foundation, set up when the original School House was sold. The Foundation still supports the school’s activities and can assist with individual children’s educational needs.


In 2002 we designed a new outside play and learning area for our youngest children in the front garden.  In 2004 a playing field behind the school was secured to provide a safe environment for outdoor play and sport for all pupils. New building work was carried out to link the two buildings of the school and provide much-needed office and library accommodation.


Sadly, just as the work was completed early in 2005, fire destroyed large parts of the old school. Lessons were temporarily held first at the Global Retreat Centre at Nuneham Courtenay and then in PortaKabins in the new playing field, while the school was rebuilt. The rebuild allowed for structural improvements to be made to the buildings, and initiated a move to build a hall, which opened in September 2008. The new hall allowed for school meals to be cooked on the premises, as well as a whole range of activities previously impossible.


The village and surrounds provide a rich and varied resource for learning activities. Throughout its long history Marsh Baldon School has remained very much part of the local community.